Bianca Censori's Bold Transparent Ensemble


Bianca Censori's Bold Transparent Ensemble
© Rachpoot/Getty Images

Winds of change are blowing again in the latest fashion controversy to hit the headlines, with Bianca Censori, the new wife of Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West - now known as Ye - bringing outlandish sartorial choices. The couple was recently photographed in Los Angeles, caught not only for Ye's signature full-face mask and an oversized poncho that was reminiscent of polyethylene but more for Bianca's daring ensemble—sheer raincoat worn with nothing under.

The outfit in question was a see-through Lafafa poncho that had black lettering across the chest that featured a strategic design that pretty much left nothing to the imagination thanks to its transparent material. Even though its modest design of the coat buttoning spoke to it, that of Bianca was evident through it.

Notably, she cleverly positioned her phone to maintain some privacy. This is the latest in a series of provocative fashion statements by Bianca, who’s been under the spotlight for her wardrobe choices since she married Ye in January 2023 just after he was done with divorce proceedings against Kim Kardashian.

After the wedding, Bianca had a complete hair makeover from long brown locks to a blonde bob and was spotted wearing bolder choices of clothes, such as the pillow used as a dress and barefooted on the streets – certainly, these are acts that may be a little eyebrow-raising and call for concern on safety.

Fashion or Control?

The speculation is being added fire by some critics, labeling a few of Bianca's fashion moments as "humiliating" and "degrading," perhaps Ye is the one dressing her. Then again, that assumption has not been confirmed by the couple.

However, some apprehensions are creeping into the matter of Ye's alleged controlling attitude towards Bianca within the group, with some even alleging that severe lifestyle regulations were being imposed on her, like not even allowing her to see her mobile phone or connect on social media to save her from negative comments further alienating her from society.

The dynamics between Ye and Bianca—especially with regard to her fashion—both pose pertinent considerations on the autonomy and coercive control in relationships, issues as deep as life itself and much greater than the apparent frivolity of celebrity scandal.