Stacey Solomon's Heartfelt Family Milestone

Celebrating a year of joy at Pickle Cottage.

by Nouman Rasool
Stacey Solomon's Heartfelt Family Milestone
© Dave Benett/Getty Images

Stacey Solomon, the TV favourite and one of the Loose Women panellists, has just treated her 6 million Instagram followers to heartwarming updates from her family's latest celebration at their cherished Pickle Cottage home.

The 34-year-old and her partner, former "I'm A Celebrity" winner Joe Swash, celebrated their youngest daughter, Belle, in a series of adorable posts that captured great life in their blended family. Stacey and Joe, whose relationship is dubbed as the sweetest relationship, are raising six kids in the house with them.

Their brood includes their shared offspring of four, who is Rex; two, who is Rose; and the birthday belle is now a one-year-old baby girl. To complete their lively family setup, Joe comes with his 16-year-old son Harry, while Stacey has two sons from her previous relationships: 15-year-old Zachary and 11-year-old Learie.

Stacey's Birthday Bash

Stacey showed pictures from the celebration with very fancy and prepared decorations, though with a red and pink theme, which had heart-shaped balloons, floral garlands, and streamers. The star of the whole show was a beautiful heart-shaped cake with the name of Belle adorning its icing.

In the shared images, the girls put their little angels in adorable pink dresses with customized name details. Stacey dressed in a chic pink midi knit, and Joe stole the limelight in chinos and a dusky pink top. Not everyone, however, appreciated Stacey's decor efforts.

While many fans gushed about her creativity and dedication, some critics questioned the need for such elaborate setups in a one-year-old's celebration, with comments running the gamut from accusations of self-indulgence to worries about setting standards that other parents couldn't hope to meet.

Not to be moved by the voices of negativity, Stacey marveled that the support of her followers was priceless and described how happy and complete she is when it comes to her family and all things creativity. What she goes on to say bears witness to the community that is continually encouraging and supporting, reflecting on how one might better face the challenges which public life and motherhood, separately or together, present with love and support.