Jimmy Kimmel's Valentine's Day Ritual Unveiled

Exploring the unique family dynamics of Jimmy Kimmel

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel's Valentine's Day Ritual Unveiled
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The television host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" known for pitching humor perfectly, Jimmy Kimmel recently let on exclusively to the People magazine regarding his unique Valentine's Day tradition with his wife, Molly McNearney.

The couple has been married since 2013, and now with kids of their own, they have their own way of celebrating the day of love. It didn't come without a joke or two from Kimmel, telling the now-larger family that when the kids started coming along, Valentine's Day was seen a little differently.

"Our celebrations have shifted from just the two of us to include the kids," Kimmel revealed. "We've also started a really nice family tradition with our fondue dessert on Valentine's Day. It has become a favorite of everybody - sitting around, dipping into melted chocolate with its fruits is the sweet end to the day." They also edged to personal talk, bringing out much on the life of Kimmel, including the dynamics in his marriage with McNearney.

They met while they were working on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and to date, the two have shared both a personal and professional journey. McNearney had been a writer on the show and later an executive producer before she and Kimmel began to date.

Their engagement while in Africa and the wedding in 2013 turned out to be turning points in Kimmel's life.

Work-Life Harmony

Interestingly, the personal and professional connect with Kimmel as he honestly relates how work so often sneaks into his personal life.

"It’s not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night with a joke or an idea for the show," he offered. "And whom to share it with but my life partner, who is not only my wife but my partner in my work as well? Sometimes, I even find that I share these sudden sparks of creativity with her in the middle of the night." The husband and wife, who are professional actors married for decades, portray a brood with two young children, Jane and Billy.

Kimmel has two children from a prior marriage as well. This blend of work, family, and humor seems to make up the bond that has held the two together. Kimmel, the seemingly iconic constant in American late-night television, also shared his favorite joints within Las Vegas in the aftermath of the 2024 Super Bowl that is set to be held there. This effectively introduced another aspect to the interview; one of the vibrant scene within the city of Las Vegas.