Piers Morgan Responds Forcefully to Prince Harry's Allegations

Morgan's Bold Retort in Ongoing Royal Privacy Dispute

by Zain ul Abedin
Piers Morgan Responds Forcefully to Prince Harry's Allegations
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The main reaction was because of the latest response of television personality Piers Morgan regarding the statements created by Prince Harry. In a damning statement, the Duke of Suss-x further alleged Morgan knew exactly the whole process of phone hacking - a statement that has emerged even as Prince Harry awarded substantial damages in his ongoing privacy-breach battle against the publisher of the Daily Mirror.

Prince Harry made a powerful cry for the rule of law to apply outside the High Court through his barrister David Sherborne. He had been forewarned that the same would not apply even for Mr. Morgan, when he was still a news editor, and underscored that the court's ruling substantiated this innuendo, said Prince Harry.

Morgan Claps Back at Harry

Morgan, 58, has repeatedly denied any knowledge or involvement in the scandal. He took to social media site X (formerly known as Twitter) to respond to the Duke's allegations. In a notable statement, Morgan agreed with Prince Harry that it was wrong to invade the Royal Family's privacy for financial gains.

But he made a twist of irony by asking that Prince Harry should himself stop the same. That elicited a back-and-forth in the aftermath of Prince Harry's settlement with Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) on Friday, which included an interim payment of £400,000 toward legal costs.

After this, Prince Harry hit out at Morgan for making his public criticisms relentless. Known for his plain talking, Morgan had called Prince Harry a "royal traitor" earlier and had commended Prince William for taking such a stance against Harry.

Morgan's statement has added another dimension to the ever-going debate about media ethics and the question of privacy, especially about the Royal Family. It is now an irony that the old headlines have not only contradicted those made by Prince Harry but also captured the complex relationship between the British press and the monarchy.

This further development will only continue to fuel the debate on media intrusion and the boundaries of journalistic practices.

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