Chris Pratt's Struggle with the 'Hollywood' Game: The Reasons

Exploring the dynamic between Chris Pratt and his audience.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Pratt's Struggle with the 'Hollywood' Game: The Reasons
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, known for his straightforward approach, has reportedly faced challenges within the entertainment industry due to his unfiltered views. According to sources, Pratt's candid demeanor has led to a sense of alienation among his peers, causing ripples in his professional relationships.

An insider shared with the National Enquirer, "Chris doesn't play the Hollywood game." This sentiment echoes the growing perception that Pratt stands apart from the typical industry norms. His directness, while refreshing to some, has reportedly not been well-received in certain circles.

"He’s got no issue telling it like it is — and that's alienated a ton of people," the source added.

Pratt's Public Image Rift

Pratt's outspoken nature has not only affected his industry connections but also his public image.

In 2022, an online petition surfaced, urging Marvel Studios to reconsider Pratt's casting, reflecting a divide between the actor and a segment of his audience. "That caused a lot of blowback with the studio," an insider commented.

However, the studio chose not to yield to public pressure, a decision indicative of Pratt's continued strong presence in major film projects. The actor's challenges with public perception were highlighted in 2020 when a social media poll branded him "the worst Chris," in comparison to fellow actors Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine.

An industry source noted, "Pratt doesn’t mesh well with woke Hollywood, and that's a large part of online backlash." Despite these hurdles, Pratt's career has not waned. "There is a big pressure to conform in the industry — and that's just not his style," an insider remarked, acknowledging Pratt's inclination to stay true to his beliefs.

"To be fair, he doesn't have to because he's still being cast in plenty of huge blockbusters." Admiration for Pratt's authenticity, despite industry challenges, was also expressed. "You have to admire the guy for sticking to his guns — even if it means alienating a lot of people. Of all the things people might say about him, no one can call him a phoney," concluded the insider.