Killer Mike Discusses Divine Conversation Following Grammy Incident

Rapper's Triumph Marred by Arrest, Yet Blessed by Hope.

by Nouman Rasool
Killer Mike Discusses Divine Conversation Following Grammy Incident
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Atlanta's renowned rapper Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, recently shared a profound experience in his first interview since a startling incident at the Grammy Awards. Render, who clinched the Best Rap Album award for "Michael" and swept both Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song with "Scientists & Engineers," found himself in a contemplative state following an unexpected turn of events.

Moments after his triumphant win, Render was apprehended and led away in handcuffs, an image that quickly circulated across media outlets. Despite the turmoil, he recounted an introspective period where he engaged in a deep, spiritual conversation with himself.

"You'll find yourself in a position where it's just you and God," he shared. Render spent hours in solitude, expressing gratitude and reflecting on his blessings, a practice that he credits for his calm demeanor in the face of adversity.

Miraculous Family Blessing

In a striking twist of fate, Render received life-changing news the following morning. His 21-year-old son, Michael "Pony Boy" Render, who had been on a kidney transplant list for over three years, was scheduled for a successful surgery.

This serendipitous event reinforced Render's belief in a higher power and the significance of family over career accolades. Render's arrest, captured in a video by The Hollywood Reporter, occurred amidst confusion and a confrontation with an over-zealous security guard.

Despite the ordeal, Render and his team remain optimistic about clearing his name of any misdemeanor battery charges. An outspoken advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, Render's passionate speeches, including his response to George Floyd's death, have resonated with many for their sincerity and vulnerability.

His arrest, which he addressed in a statement via Pitchfork, was a moment of profound reflection and gratitude, overshadowing his recent musical achievements. His journey underscores the complexities of success, the trials that often accompany it, and the unanticipated moments that can profoundly alter one's perspective.