Two More Ex-Girlfriends Accuse Jonathan Majors of Abuse

Emerging Troubles Surround Acclaimed Actor Jonathan Majors.

by Nouman Rasool
Two More Ex-Girlfriends Accuse Jonathan Majors of Abuse
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In a recent and alarming development, Jonathan Majors, known for his role in HBO's "Lovecraft Country," faces new accusations of abuse from two former partners, adding to the controversy following his conviction for assaulting and harassing another ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Emma Duncan, engaged to Majors from 2015 to 2019, revealed disturbing details of their relationship in a New York Times report. She accused Majors of emotional and physical abuse, including choking, throwing her around, and leaving bruises.

Duncan recounted several instances where Majors allegedly made life-threatening statements, including threats to kill her and prevent her from having children. In response, Majors's attorney, Priya Chaudhry, denied the physical abuse allegations and the specific threats claimed by Duncan.

Chaudhry admitted that the relationship had its fair share of intense arguments, stating Majors is now confronting his part in this toxic dynamic and addressing his long-standing depression. Chaudhry also claimed Duncan had been physically aggressive towards Majors.

Hooper's Harrowing Allegations

Maura Hooper, who dated Majors between 2013 and 2015 during their time at the Yale School of Drama, accused him of emotional abuse. She alleged that after discovering his infidelity, Majors threatened to commit suicide.

Post-breakup, Hooper claims Majors verbally assaulted her in a phone call, using derogatory language and referencing a past abortion in a hurtful manner. Chaudhry described this incident as a heated exchange, acknowledging Majors's regret over the harsh words but contesting his recollection of the specific language used.

Further complicating Majors's public image are separate allegations from his time on the set of "Lovecraft Country." An assistant director reported that Majors directed her to an isolated area on set, declaring she was "not welcome." Another incident involved an angry response from Majors to a schedule change, where he allegedly invaded the personal space of an assistant director, making a racially insensitive remark.

Chaudhry defended Majors's professional demeanor, asserting that numerous women in the industry would vouch for his conduct. Despite these defenses, the report noted that three women had filed complaints against Majors, leading to a reluctant apology from him after HBO's intervention, though Chaudhry maintains that Majors was unaware of any objections to his behavior.

These accumulating allegations against Majors paint a complex and deeply troubling picture, as the actor navigates the repercussions in both his personal and professional spheres.

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