Ben Affleck's Humorous 'No Voice of Reason' in Dunkin' Ad with Jack Harlow

Ben Affleck shines in latest Dunkin' commercial's witty script

by Zain ul Abedin
Ben Affleck's Humorous 'No Voice of Reason' in Dunkin' Ad with Jack Harlow
© Dunkin/Instagram

In a recent venture blending humor and celebrity star power, Ben Affleck once again graces the screen, this time in a playful Dunkin' advertisement. This fresh installment, which intriguingly concludes with a "to be continued" tease, aired during the 2024 Grammys, adding a twist of anticipation to its narrative.

Affleck, renowned for his remarkable acting talents, displays a lighter, self-deprecating side in the ad. He engages in a witty dialogue with Jack Harlow, the "First Class" rapper, questioning his own judgment. Affleck humorously dismisses the notion of a 'voice of reason,' leading to a comical exchange with Harlow, who attempts to be the voice of common sense in the scenario.

This new ad follows the satirical trajectory set by a previous Dunkin’ commercial, aired during the same award show. It whimsically portrayed Affleck's aspiration to become a "popstar," reflecting on his efforts to gain recognition in the music industry.

The commercial cleverly interweaves a nod to Affleck's real-life experience at the 2023 Grammys. Accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Lopez, Affleck's somewhat stoic demeanor at the event sparked an array of "Sad Affleck" memes, playfully addressed in the advertisement.

Ben Affleck's Humorous Self-Reflection

One particularly memorable moment includes a scene where Affleck, seen on a news clip with Lopez, remarks, “Keep laughing,” while casually sipping an iced Dunkin’ coffee.

This self-referential humor highlights Affleck's ability to laugh at himself, a quality that resonates with audiences. Additionally, the ad features TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, a notable Dunkin' enthusiast. Her interaction with Affleck adds a contemporary and relatable touch, bridging the gap between traditional celebrity culture and the burgeoning influence of social media stars.

Artists Equity, the production company co-founded by Affleck and Matt Damon, is behind this creative endeavor. Their previous work includes the 2023 Dunkin’ Super Bowl advertisement, where Affleck humorously portrayed a Dunkin' employee in a hidden-camera setup, further demonstrating his versatile acting skills and his knack for engaging viewers in a lighthearted, relatable manner.

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