Jason Kelce Teases Taylor Swift Fans Over Travis Kelce, Chiefs Craze

NFL Stars Dive into Playful Banter on Podcast

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Kelce Teases Taylor Swift Fans Over Travis Kelce, Chiefs Craze
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In a lighthearted episode of their 'New Heights' Podcast, Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce humorously called out Taylor Swift's fans for their apparent partiality towards his brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the podcast, the 36-year-old Eagles center playfully accused Swifties of swaying the results of the podcast’s “NFL Best Team Name Bracket”. He claimed that their votes were driven more by their affection for his brother Travis, the Chiefs tight end, rather than a genuine preference for the team name.

“The Swifties have an unrealistic infatuation with the Chiefs and Travis Kelce. They're voting based on their love for you, not their love for the team name,” Jason jested. In a witty retort, Travis accused Jason of influencing the votes in favor of the Buffalo Bills, alleging that his brother’s actions unfairly deprived the Chiefs of victory.

He added, “Why are you blaming all the losses on the [Swifties]?,” prompting laughter from both.

Jason's Playful Appeal

Jason humorously admitted to campaigning for the Bills, suggesting that this incited Swift's fans to choose the Minnesota Vikings over his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, in retaliation.

“The Swifties got upset; they don’t understand our politics,” Jason quipped, implying that Swift's fans believed he was manipulating the votes. However, the tone shifted when the brothers acknowledged their nomination for several categories at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, including Podcast of the Year, Best Sports Podcast, and Best Overall Ensemble.

Seizing the opportunity, Jason playfully appealed to Swift's fans, “Swifties, we’re talking to you. Let's rig this vote. This is for Travis. Please vote for the New Heights show as the podcast of the year”. Travis also encouraged their loyal '92 percenters' to show their support.

Beyond the banter, Jason expressed genuine admiration for Taylor Swift and her relationship with his brother. In a 2024 Pro Bowl interview, he shared his positive impressions of Swift, describing her as "awesome, genuine, and down-to-earth".

He emphasized that despite the increased media focus on his brother's personal life, his primary concern remains Travis' happiness. "My brother and his love life are the talk of the NFL right now, but as long as Travis is happy, I'm happy," Jason concluded, highlighting the supportive bond between the siblings.

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