Jack Quaid on Voicing Superman: 'It Feels Very Weird'


Jack Quaid on Voicing Superman: 'It Feels Very Weird'
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Jack Quaid, widely recognized for his role in "The Boys," has ventured into a new realm of heroism, lending his voice to the iconic character of Clark Kent, also known as Superman, in the animated series "My Adventures of Superman." In a recent interview with People Magazine at the 2024 SCAD TVFest in Atlanta, Quaid shared his initial reservations and the unique experience of voicing one of the most emblematic superheroes in history.

The 31-year-old actor, known for his lean physique, expressed his initial skepticism about fitting into a role traditionally portrayed by actors with more imposing statures, such as Henry Cavill. Reflecting on his first reaction to the audition, Quaid humorously remarked, "Oh yeah, I'll be Superman," highlighting the contrast between his physical appearance and the conventional image of the Man of Steel.

Despite these initial doubts, Quaid embraced the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the character. "But to put my own spin on it has just been such an immense honor that I never thought I would ever get the chance to play because I know I don't look the part," he stated.

The actor acknowledged the surreal nature of portraying Superman, noting the oddity of declaring oneself as the legendary hero.

Quaid's Superman Insight

Quaid also delved into the transformative power of animation, praising its ability to reimagine and deepen the portrayal of Superman.

He expressed admiration for the character's depiction in the series, emphasizing the focus on Clark Kent's identity over his superhero alter ego. "After seeing what they did with the character and how he's very much Clark [Kent] first, Superman second — not second, just Superman is the identity he's pretending to be, where deep down he's Clark — I love that spin on it," Quaid explained.

The series, "My Adventures of Superman," is currently in the throes of producing its second season. Fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of this unique take on the Superman saga, with Quaid's voice bringing a new dimension to the beloved character.

Quaid's journey from skepticism to embracing the role exemplifies the evolving landscape of superhero portrayals, where the essence of the character transcends traditional physical expectations.