Tarek El Moussa: Rehab Journey, Admitting Personal Faults

El Moussa's Candid Memoir Unveils Struggle and Recovery

by Zain ul Abedin
Tarek El Moussa: Rehab Journey, Admitting Personal Faults
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In a candid revelation from his new book "Flip Your Life," HGTV's Tarek El Moussa delves into his challenging journey through addiction and rehabilitation. The "Flip or Flop" alum, 42, bravely confronts his past struggles with steroid addiction, offering an introspective view of how it strained his family life and contributed to the dissolution of his marriage.

El Moussa, a two-time cancer survivor who also underwent back surgery, details in his memoir how his battle with cancer led to a prescription for anabolic testosterone. Initially a source of renewed energy, El Moussa recounts the swift onset of dependency on the drug.

He describes the rollercoaster of emotions, swinging from feeling invincible to being overwhelmed by anger and fear. The impact of these struggles was profound on his family, including his then-wife Christina Hall, 40, and their children Taylor, 13, and Brayden, 8.

El Moussa's addiction rendered him emotionally unavailable, often isolating himself and unable to engage with his family. "I was a terrible husband, father, friend, and son," he admits in a moment of self-reflection. Rehab: El Moussa's Turning Point El Moussa acknowledges that his addiction was a key factor in the breakdown of his marriage to Hall.

The couple's highly publicized split in December 2016 followed a dramatic incident involving a gun in May of that year. Post-separation, in a desperate attempt to reconcile with his family, El Moussa quit testosterone "cold turkey," a decision that led to severe biochemical shock and exacerbated his mental health challenges.

Recognizing the gravity of his condition, a friend intervened, connecting El Moussa with Dr. Drew Pinsky. This pivotal moment led to his two-month stay at a rehabilitation facility, which he describes as a "halfway house" primarily housing heroin addicts.

His time there was transformative, consisting of daily support sessions and counseling, helping him confront and begin to overcome his addiction. El Moussa's journey through rehab was a turning point, filled with both "kindnesses" and "tough love." He expresses profound gratitude for the support received, acknowledging the ongoing effort required in his recovery.

"Those two months gave me enough to keep fighting for my life," he shares, offering a message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. His story, as detailed in "Flip Your Life," not only sheds light on the personal struggles behind the TV persona but also serves as a testament to the power of healing and self-improvement.