Nicolas Cage Eager to Join 'Star Trek' Cast

Acclaimed actor Nicolas Cage reveals major career aspirations

by Zain ul Abedin
Nicolas Cage Eager to Join 'Star Trek' Cast
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Nicolas Cage, the renowned actor known for his dynamic roles, recently expressed a fervent desire to join the iconic 'Star Trek' universe. A self-proclaimed 'Trekkie,' Cage's interest in the series was evident during his appearance at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards.

Speaking to TrekMovie, he reminisced about his childhood experiences watching the legendary trio of Shatner, Nimoy, and Bones. These early encounters with 'Star Trek' left a lasting impression on Cage, fueling his passion for the series' blend of wisdom and socially relevant themes.

In his conversation, Cage revealed, "I've always been partial to Star Trek. There's been some chatter about it, but nothing concrete yet." His enthusiasm for the series is palpable, as he expressed a keen interest in being part of the 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

"I'd love to be on the bridge, to be part of the Enterprise crew. Who knows what the future holds?" he mused.

Cage's Paramount Talks

Further delving into his potential involvement with 'Star Trek', Cage mentioned ongoing discussions with Paramount.

"There have been a few phone calls. I'm waiting to see a script that resonates with me, something where I can inject my own essence and bring energy to the role," he shared in another media interaction. Cage's admiration for 'Star Trek' is deeply rooted.

At 60, he remains as enthusiastic as ever about the possibility of joining the franchise. "It's not just about any role for me. My love for 'Star Trek' is profound, and I want to ensure that if I join, it's in a capacity that does justice to the series.

Ideally, I'd be on the Enterprise, contributing to its legacy. I don't envision myself just floating aimlessly in space; I want to be right there on the bridge, making an impact. But it all depends on what they bring to me," he elaborated.

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