Travis Kelce Dismisses Credit for Hair Trends: 'Ridiculous'

NFL Star Addresses Misattributed Haircut Trend Controversy.

by Nouman Rasool
Travis Kelce Dismisses Credit for Hair Trends: 'Ridiculous'
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In a surprising turn of events at Super Bowl LVIII's Opening Night, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce strongly dismissed rumors attributing the invention of the fade haircut to him. The allegation, which emerged in a widespread article claiming barbershops nationwide were flooded with requests for the "Travis Kelce haircut," was met with swift criticism.

Kelce, 34, addressed the media at Allegiant Stadium on Tuesday, expressing his bewilderment and dismay at the claims. "It's absolutely ridiculous," he stated emphatically, distancing himself from the notion that he originated the fade, a style deeply rooted in African American culture.

His comments came just as Black History Month was about to begin, adding a layer of sensitivity to the discourse.

Kelce: Cultural Insight

Kelce's remarks not only reflect his personal stance but also highlight the broader cultural significance of the fade haircut.

The timing of the article's release, coinciding with the commencement of Black History Month, only intensified the backlash and brought to light the complexities surrounding cultural appropriation and recognition. In a candid moment, Kelce shared his personal haircut preferences, detailing his style as "a two on top and a nice high-to-mid fade with a taper in the back." He reiterated, "I didn’t invent that.

I just asked for it," emphasizing his role as a client rather than a trendsetter in this scenario. Amidst this haircut hullabaloo, Kelce's relationship with pop star Taylor Swift has also garnered attention. The couple, who went public last September, seems to have a mutual appreciation for Kelce's grooming choices.

Patrick Regan, Kelce's barber for over six years, shared with Fox News that Swift, known for her hit "Blank Space," has repeatedly complimented Kelce's buzz cut. "She has watched me cut his hair a bunch of times and always compliments it after," Regan revealed, shedding light on the couple's dynamic.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that while Kelce's hairstyle might be popular, the credit for its inception lies elsewhere. His refusal to take ownership of the fade haircut not only demonstrates his respect for its cultural origins but also underscores the importance of acknowledging and understanding the roots of popular trends.

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