Drake Sparks Buzz with Alleged 'Leaked' X-Rated Clip

Rapper Drake Embroiled in Viral Video Controversy.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake Sparks Buzz with Alleged 'Leaked' X-Rated Clip
© Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Rapper Drake, at 37 years old, has recently catapulted to the top of social media discussions following an alleged X-rated video leak. The internet has been set ablaze with reactions as a video surfaced, purportedly showing the Grammy-criticizing star in a compromising and intimate situation.

The clip, which quickly went viral, appears to depict Drake engaged in a s----- act, sparking widespread disbelief among his fan base. Despite the uproar, the artist himself has yet to release any official statement or response regarding the authenticity of the footage.

Drake's Laughing Response

Amidst this frenzy, Twitch streamer Adin Ross, known for his connections with Drake, disclosed that he had sent a voice message to the rapper.

In the message, Ross expressed his astonishment at the video's contents, humorously remarking on Drake's multi-faceted blessings, from his musical prowess to his physical attributes. Drake's alleged reply to Ross, consisting of eight laughing emojis, has sparked further speculation.

Intriguingly, Ross hinted that this voice memo might even feature in Drake's upcoming album as an intro. The veracity of the video and whether Drake's response was an admission remain unclear, with no further comments from the rapper's end.

Drake's representatives have been approached for a statement, but there has been no official word yet. This incident comes on the heels of Drake's recent denouncement of the Grammy Awards 2024, where he dismissed its significance in the music industry.

Following Taylor Swift's Album Of The Year win, Drake, along with fans of artist SZA, expressed their discontent. Swift, 34, secured the award for her album 'Midnights', presented by music legend Celine Dion. Drake, absent from the ceremony, took to social media to repost his iconic 2019 Grammy acceptance speech.

Alongside, he penned a message reminding fellow artists of the subjective nature of the awards, asserting that it does not define the hip-hop world. Simultaneously, SZA's supporters took to social media, voicing their opinion that she deserved the Album Of The Year award.

Despite her winning three awards, including Best R&B Song for 'Snooze', Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Phoebe Bridgers for 'Ghost In The Machine', and Best Progressive R&B Album for 'SOS', her fans felt she was overlooked for the top honor.