Jason Momoa, Braff, and Faison Star in T-Mobile's Super Bowl 'Flashdance' Ad

Reviving Classics for T-Mobile's Super Bowl Splash.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Momoa, Braff, and Faison Star in T-Mobile's Super Bowl 'Flashdance' Ad
© Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

In an exciting fusion of comedy and star power, Jason Momoa is ready to make waves at this year's Super Bowl with a humor-filled T-Mobile commercial that promises to be a departure from his usual action-packed roles. Known for his dynamic performances in "Aquaman," "Dune," and "Game of Thrones," Momoa is set to showcase his lighter side, dancing to Irene Cara's iconic "Flashdance… What a Feeling." He'll be sharing the screen with Zach Braff and Donald Faison, familiar faces in T-Mobile's Super Bowl advertising legacy.

In a recent interview with Variety, Momoa expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, highlighting a different aspect of his talent spectrum. "People are just seeing a different side of me," he said, acknowledging his reputation as a dramatic actor.

His previous comedic appearances in Rocket Mortgage commercials have paved the way for this shift, revealing a facet of Momoa that audiences have rarely seen.

Braff & Faison's Encore

Braff and Faison, no strangers to the Super Bowl commercial scene, have previously delighted viewers with memorable performances.

In 2023, they teamed up with John Travolta for a "Grease" themed parody, and in 2022, they brought a touch of "Scrubs" nostalgia with a "West Side Story" spoof. These ads often lead to curious fans approaching Braff for intricate details about T-Mobile's services, a trend that might continue with this year's focus on the company's home internet service.

This consistency in theme, akin to CareerBuilder's famous chimpanzee office worker ads, helps create a connection with the audience. Yet, as Braff notes, resting on past successes isn't an option. "It has to be bigger and better," he asserts.

Faison and Braff recall their enjoyable experience working with Travolta, but acknowledge that Momoa adds a unique, high-energy dynamic to the project. "He was so fun, so high energy, in such a silly mood like we always are.

I think it really shows," Faison comments, likening the collaboration to a rock musical. The commercial also features a special appearance by Jennifer Beals, adding an authentic "Flashdance" element to the ad. Faison, who has known Beals for years, highlights her invaluable input and the enjoyment everyone derived from watching Momoa seek her advice.

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