Trevor Noah's Grammy Joke about Taylor Swift Keeps Fans Laughing

Trevor Noah's Hilarious Grammys Banter Enthralls the Audience

by Zain ul Abedin
Trevor Noah's Grammy Joke about Taylor Swift Keeps Fans Laughing
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In the wake of Jo Koy's controversial Taylor Swift jest at the Golden Globes, Trevor Noah emerged as a shining example of comedic prowess at the Grammys, winning the admiration of Swift's fanbase, affectionately known as "Swifties." Unlike Koy's misguided attempt, Noah's humorous nod to Taylor Swift was met with resounding approval from both the audience and the online community.

The seasoned comedian cleverly tackled Swift's well-documented penchant for attending NFL games, delivering his jest in a manner that was both lighthearted and devoid of any personal slight. In the opening moments of his monologue, Noah remarked, "I think it is so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift.

Right? Like she's controlling the cameras at the games. Like, just let her live, let her live." He artfully combined humor with a dash of reality, highlighting the absurdity of conspiracy theories that have surrounded Taylor Swift's presence at sporting events.

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Noah playfully pledged retaliation, proclaiming, "Every time the camera cuts to her, I'm going to get revenge. Every time it cuts to Taylor Swift, I'm going to cut to someone who played football.

That's what I'll do - cut just like that." With impeccable timing, the camera promptly shifted to Terry Crews, the former NFL player, while Noah quipped, "You like that, Terry Crews? You better fix your face, Terry. Yeah, we're going to be on you all night, Terry, no relaxing for you.

Do you work for the CIA, Terry? Huh? I can read lips, Terry, so I can read what you're saying." The ensuing camera shot captured Swift and Crews, both sporting grins as they covered their faces in laughter. The exchange proved to be a delightful and light-hearted moment, perfectly in line with the spirit of the Grammys.

Swifties were quick to shower Trevor Noah with accolades following the joke. One fan commended, "THAT is how you make a joke about Taylor Swift!!!" Another concurred, "See what happens when you have a comedian as a host who knows comedy." A third supporter added, "THAT is how you joke about Taylor and the NFL. Note that she's laughing. Because it's funny, not rude and lame."

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