Prince Harry's US Visa Secured by Influential American Support

Royal Controversy: Prince Harry's U.S. Visa Debated

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's US Visa Secured by Influential American Support
© Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

In a remarkable turn of events, Prince Harry's visa status in the United States has become a topic of intense scrutiny following his candid revelations of past drug use in his explosive memoir, 'Spare.' This development comes amidst the ongoing security lawsuit the Duke of Suss-x is embroiled in at London's High Court, adding another layer of complexity to his legal challenges.

The release of 'Spare' last year sparked widespread debate over Prince Harry's eligibility to remain in the U.S., given his admission of drug use – a factor typically considered grounds for inadmissibility under U.S.

immigration law. This situation has raised questions about the stability of his visa and his future in the country.

Biden's Stance on Harry

Lee Cohen, a noted royal commentator, weighed in on the issue, suggesting that under President Joe Biden's administration, Prince Harry's visa status is unlikely to face serious jeopardy.

Cohen highlighted President Biden's admiration for the Duke and Duchess of Suss-x, particularly praising their bravery in confronting issues that have caused widespread public disdain. His remarks were made during an interview with GB News, further fueling the discussion around this sensitive topic.

The public's interest in Prince Harry's immigration records intensified following his drug use admission, leading to calls for their disclosure. This request was met with resistance, as the Heritage Foundation's lawsuit against the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) following a denied Freedom of Information Act request showed.

The DHS defended its decision, citing privacy concerns and likening immigration records to confidential personal information like health, financial, or employment data. Despite this, the current U.S. administration seems to be less concerned about Prince Harry's history of recreational drug use.

However, the political landscape is ever-changing, and the upcoming 2024 U.S. elections could potentially alter the government's stance on this issue. For now, the Duke's status in the U.S. remains a subject of speculation, with many eyes closely watching how this high-profile case will unfold.

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