Jacob Elordi Under Investigation for Suspected Assault

Rising Star Faces Unexpected Legal Challenge in Sydney

by Zain ul Abedin
Jacob Elordi Under Investigation for Suspected Assault
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Australian actor Jacob Elordi, renowned for his role in the hit series 'Euphoria', has recently come under police investigation following an alleged assault on a KISS FM employee, Joshua Fox. The incident reportedly occurred outside the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, a notable destination where Elordi was staying.

The news emerges as Elordi, a Brisbane native, returned to Australia in anticipation of the prestigious AACTA Awards scheduled on February 10 on the Gold Coast. This visit, intended to celebrate his accomplishments, took an unexpected turn with this recent controversy.

Sources from the Sunday Telegraph reveal that the incident unfolded when Fox approached Elordi at the hotel. What began as a seemingly routine interaction escalated quickly, leading to an altercation fueled by Elordi's frustration with Fox's line of questioning.

This confrontation has since attracted significant media attention, putting Elordi's public image in a precarious situation.

Assault Allegation Clouds Award Hopes

A spokesperson for the New South Wales Police confirmed the altercation in a detailed statement to news.com.au.

According to police reports, the incident occurred around 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 3, 2024. The statement described the altercation involving a 32-year-old man, presumably Fox, and Elordi, 26, who allegedly assaulted him.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident. The timing of this investigation is particularly crucial as Elordi is currently nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award at the AACTAs. His nomination comes for his exceptional performance in 'Saltburn', a breakout Amazon hit.

However, with the ongoing investigation, there is growing uncertainty about whether Elordi will make an appearance at the award ceremony. Elordi's rising career, marked by his recent appearance as a host on 'Saturday Night Live' alongside musical guest Renée Rapp, now faces a challenging phase.

As the investigation continues, fans and the entertainment industry alike await further developments on this case, hoping for a resolution that maintains the integrity of all parties involved.