Shannen Doherty's Emotional Tribute to Luke Perry at MegaCon

90210 Stars Honor Luke Perry's Enduring Impact at MegaCon

by Zain ul Abedin
Shannen Doherty's Emotional Tribute to Luke Perry at MegaCon
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At the recent MegaCon event in Orlando, an emotional moment unfolded during a Beverly Hills, 90210 panel, as stars Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley shared heartfelt memories of their late colleague, Luke Perry. Nearly half a decade since Perry's untimely passing, his absence remains a poignant "hole" in the lives of his former castmates.

Doherty, 52, was visibly moved as Priestley, 54, brought up Perry's name. The mention of Perry, who tragically died at age 52 in March 2019 following a stroke, brought the Charmed actress to tears. Doherty, grappling with her own health challenges, expressed her shock over Perry's sudden death.

"As someone with stage 4 cancer, a really aggressive form, I always assumed I would be the first to go," Doherty shared. "Luke's passing sent me into a tailspin." Having battled breast cancer since 2015, with a brief remission in 2017, Doherty revealed in a 2023 PEOPLE cover story that her cancer had advanced to her bones.

This personal struggle added a layer of complexity to her grief over Perry's death.

Perry's Lasting Legacy

Reflecting on their relationship, Doherty recounted how she and Perry, whose characters shared an on-screen romance, experienced fluctuating closeness after the iconic '90s show concluded in 2000.

However, their bond strengthened in later years, making his loss even more profound. "Our relationship was just flourishing, our respect and admiration at its peak... losing him was incredibly hard," Doherty admitted. In a poignant tribute, Doherty appeared on Riverdale, a show where Perry had a starring role, in 2019.

She played a character who revealed the heroic circumstances of Perry's character's death, further cementing his legacy as a beloved figure. Doherty wasn't alone in her sentiments. Priestley shared his memories of Perry's significant impact on the 90210 cast.

Remembered as a "total joker," Perry was also lauded for his professionalism and commitment. Priestley described him as a "big-hearted guy" who shared a unique connection with each cast member, defying the typical heartthrob stereotype with his kindness and considerateness.

"He was beautiful," Priestley concluded, echoing the collective sentiment of the panel. "We all miss him very much, to this day." The MegaCon panel not only served as a platform for remembrance but also highlighted the enduring impact Perry had on his colleagues and fans alike, his memory continuing to resonate years after his passing.

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