Carroll's Attorney: Trump Implied C-Word in Code

Attorney Kaplan discusses a pivotal moment in recent deposition.

by Nouman Rasool
Carroll's Attorney: Trump Implied C-Word in Code
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In a recent revelation, E. Jean Carroll's top attorney, Roberta Kaplan, disclosed that former President Donald Trump resorted to using a coded phrase to derogatorily refer to Ms. Carroll during a deposition. This accusation adds another layer to the ongoing legal battles between Carroll, a well-known writer, and Trump.

Carroll, who accused Trump of raping her in a Manhattan department store dressing room in the mid-1990s, has been represented by Kaplan in defamation lawsuits. These cases followed Trump's public denouncements of Carroll as a liar, triggered by her allegations published in her 2019 memoir.

In the first defamation trial, Trump was deemed liable for sexual abuse, a decision that carried over to the second trial, focusing solely on determining the damages, resulting in Carroll being awarded $83.3 million.

Kaplan Reveals Mar-a-Lago Incident

Kaplan, who appeared on the "George Conway Explains It All" podcast, hosted by conservative attorney George Conway, shared the incident that occurred during Trump's deposition at Mar-a-Lago.

This deposition, unrelated to Carroll's case, involved alleged connections with a fraudulent marketing firm, a case which has since been dismissed. Kaplan recounts that as the questioning concluded and the proceedings were off-record, Trump uttered to her, "See you next Tuesday".

This phrase, as Kaplan learned later, is a coded expression, where the acronym rebus, derived from the phrase's component letters, stands for a derogatory term against women, as explained by Unaware of the phrase's connotation at that moment, Kaplan responded in confusion, planning to return on Wednesday.

She admitted that had she understood the implication, her reaction would have been of anger rather than seeming indifference. Kaplan also recounted Trump's aggressive behavior, where he hurled a pile of documents across the table after his team offered lunch to her and her colleagues.

George Conway, appearing on CNN, condemned Trump's behavior as "appalling", "misogynistic", and "disgraceful". He paralleled this incident with a 2019 event where Trump, interacting with female astronauts, displayed what many interpreted as disrespectful behavior.