Return of 'The Rock': Dwayne Johnson Confronts Champion Cousin in WWE After 10 Years

WWE gears up for a highly anticipated family rivalry.

by Nouman Rasool
Return of 'The Rock': Dwayne Johnson Confronts Champion Cousin in WWE After 10 Years
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In a dramatic return to the WWE ring, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson electrified fans worldwide as he confronted Roman Reigns, his cousin and reigning champion, on Friday night. This marked Johnson's first appearance in a WWE bout since his memorable showdown with John Cena in 2013, a match that preceded both men's rise to cinematic fame.

After a decade-long hiatus, speculation is rife that Johnson is poised to emerge from retirement for a monumental face-off with Reigns at the upcoming WrestleMania event in early April. Reigns, who has dominated as champion for over 1200 days, was met with Johnson's unspoken challenge, embodied in his singlet emblazoned with the words “The People’s Champion”.

The intense, wordless confrontation between the two in the ring set the audience ablaze with excitement. This electrifying moment has already captivated nearly a million viewers on WWE’s YouTube channel, mere hours after its upload.

Anoa’i Dynasty Showdown

The familial bond between Johnson and Reigns adds a compelling layer to this rivalry, as both hail from the renowned Anoa’i wrestling dynasty. This connection has further fueled anticipation for their potential clash.

In anticipation of this legendary match-up, WWE has scheduled a press conference this Thursday in Las Vegas, where it's expected the details of their encounter will be officially announced. The buzz surrounding Johnson's return has ignited a storm of opinions on social media, with fans expressing both excitement and skepticism.

This polarized reaction underscores the significance of Johnson's return to the ring. In related news, Johnson's comeback coincides with his recent appointment to the board of directors of TKO, the entity born from the $13.7 billion merger of UFC and WWE last year.

Adding to his influential role, Johnson has also secured the full trademark rights to his ring name “The Rock” through a services and merchandising agreement with the company. This move not only cements his legacy in the wrestling world but also solidifies his commercial influence within the industry.

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