Jason Momoa Discloses Alternative Profession Beyond Acting


Jason Momoa Discloses Alternative Profession Beyond Acting
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In a recent revealing interview, Jason Momoa, the star of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," expressed his deep-rooted passion for environmental conservation and discussed how he would channel this dedication if his career path had diverged from acting.

During a segment on PEOPLE in 10, Momoa unveiled an unexpected career choice that aligns with his commitment to protecting our planet. At 44, Momoa, known for his dynamic roles in the film industry, shared his potential political aspirations in his youth, aimed at making a significant impact on environmental issues.

"I'd wanna do something to help the environment," he stated, reflecting on what might have been if his life had taken a different turn. The actor mused, "The way the world's going, I would've, if I was still young Jason, 12-year-old Jason, I'd probably try to do something to get into politics, really fight for our planet."

Environmental Shift: Momoa's Perspective

Momoa's comments come as he prepares to launch "On the Roam," a travel docuseries focusing on his adventures and the environmental challenges he encounters.

His remarks highlight a poignant realization that if he could turn back time, he would steer his younger self toward a political career dedicated to environmental activism. "If I could go back and be in sixth grade, I would make my life go towards making a change," he emphasized, underscoring his commitment to environmental issues.

The actor's environmental advocacy isn't just theoretical. At home, Momoa practices and promotes sustainability. He discussed the importance of small, everyday actions and decisions that contribute to energy conservation and reducing consumption.

"I would just start in the home. Like, what are the small things you can do on how to save energy?" he posed, suggesting a mindful approach to consumption and waste. Beyond his personal practices, Momoa has also ventured into entrepreneurial efforts aligned with his environmental values.

He founded Mananalu Pure Water, a company offering water in aluminium bottles, with a mission to combat plastic pollution. For every bottle sold, Mananalu pledges to remove an equivalent amount of plastic waste bound for the oceans, exemplifying Momoa's active role in promoting environmental sustainability.