Biden Seeks Victory in South Carolina's Pivotal Primary

Biden's strategic focus intensifies in key southern state

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden Seeks Victory in South Carolina's Pivotal Primary
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

In a pivotal moment for the Democratic Party, President Joe Biden is set to contest in South Carolina’s Democratic primary this Saturday, a key event that launches his party's nomination process. This primary takes on special significance as it reflects Biden's push for a reshuffled primary calendar, aimed at amplifying the voice of African American voters, a demographic instrumental in rejuvenating his 2020 campaign.

Facing Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, Biden is widely favored to win. This primary marks a historic shift in the Democratic National Committee's schedule, moving South Carolina ahead of Iowa, thus foregrounding its significant African American population, comprising 26% of residents.

Vice President Kamala Harris underscored South Carolina's newfound prominence during a recent visit to the historically Black South Carolina State University. Biden's strategy also involves advancing Nevada's primary and positioning Michigan's diverse electorate ahead of Super Tuesday, highlighting a strategic recalibration to mirror America's demographic shifts.

Biden's Strong SC Connection

Biden's connection with African American voters in South Carolina runs deep, fortified by his tenure as Vice President under Barack Obama and his relationship with influential figures like Congressman Jim Clyburn.

His administration's policies, from defending abortion rights to appointing diverse judges, resonate strongly with these voters. Despite some concerns about his age, Biden's leadership is preferred over former President Donald Trump, viewed by many as a democratic threat.

The contrast between Biden's commitment to democracy and Trump's election fraud claims is a key factor in voters' preferences. With the Democratic establishment rallying behind him, Biden's campaign is now gearing towards the general election.

Harris, during her visit, emphasized the urgency of confronting Trump's rhetoric. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign, bolstered by substantial fundraising, maintains a strong financial position compared to Trump. This South Carolina primary transcends mere delegate count, symbolizing the Democratic Party's commitment to a more inclusive electoral system and the evolving landscape of American politics.