Usher Leads Super Bowl Halftime Tribute to Black Music

Usher reveals personal influences for historic Super Bowl show

by Zain ul Abedin
Usher Leads Super Bowl Halftime Tribute to Black Music
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On February 11th, Grammy Award-winning artist Usher is poised to deliver a groundbreaking halftime performance at Super Bowl LVIII, promising a show that is both a spectacular entertainment event and a profound tribute to the legacy of Black musicians.

In a heartfelt revelation on Good Morning America, Usher shared his intention to honor the trailblazing artists who have shaped his career and the music industry at large. Usher's upcoming performance is more than just a showcase of his considerable talents; it is a homage to the struggles and triumphs of Black artists throughout history.

Reflecting on the past, Usher recounted the harrowing experiences of earlier generations of Black musicians. "They had to navigate through unimaginable challenges, often entering venues through kitchens and leaving under the threat of violence, just to share their art," he said.

With a poignant smile, Usher declared, "I'm coming through the front door with this one." This statement symbolizes not only his journey but also the broader progress made in the industry.

Usher: A Collaborative Journey

In preparing for this landmark performance, Usher is drawing inspiration from his journey and the influences that have guided him.

He acknowledged the impact of his friends and mentors in the industry, emphasizing the collaborative nature of his success. "I didn't start where I am now, and I didn't get there by myself," Usher explained, acknowledging the collective effort that has shaped his career.

During the interview, Usher emphasized his connection to his fans and the broader community, promising to carry the spirit of those who feel overlooked. "I'm carrying you right with me when I walk on that stage that night," he assured.

As the anticipation for Super Bowl LVIII builds, Usher's halftime show is set to be a memorable event, blending spectacular entertainment with a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of Black music. This performance is not just a milestone for Usher but a celebration of the enduring influence of Black artists in shaping the landscape of music and culture.

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