Robert Irwin Cheers On Niece Grace With a 'Groovy' Compliment

Irwin Family Celebrates with Heartfelt Traditions and Joy.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert Irwin Cheers On Niece Grace With a 'Groovy' Compliment
© Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In a delightful display of familial affection, Robert Irwin, the cherished star of "Crikey! It's the Irwins," recently took to Instagram to share a tender moment with his niece, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, the adorable daughter of Bindi Irwin.

The 20-year-old conservationist and television personality showcased his close-knit relationship with his 2½-year-old niece in an endearing Instagram Reel that quickly captured the hearts of his followers. The clip, set inside a car, featured the young Irwin observing as Grace, with a curious and focused demeanor, adjusted her sunglasses and peered into the camera.

Robert's words, "Nice one! You look very groovy," filled the air with warmth, highlighting the playful and loving interaction between uncle and niece. The moment was further sweetened as Robert encouraged Grace with a "Rock on, dude," to which the toddler eagerly responded, attempting to replicate her uncle's cool hand gesture.

This charming encounter is just one of many instances where the Irwin family has shared their private moments of joy and togetherness with the world, reinforcing their bond and love for wildlife and each other. Last summer, Grace experienced the thrill of wildlife up close as she watched, from the safety of her mother's arms, her uncle and father engage in the daring act of feeding an alligator.

Grace's enthusiastic "Kachow" in response to the action underscored her emerging adventurous spirit, undoubtedly influenced by her family's legacy.

Grace's Unbirthday Joy

In a tradition that speaks volumes of the family's values, Bindi Irwin revealed their unique celebration of "unbirthdays," marking Grace's two and a half years milestone with a visit to Australia Zoo's Elephant Gift Shop for a stuffed animal extravaganza.

The joyous occasion was documented in a video where Grace is seen gleefully identifying and gathering various plush toys, a testament to the simple pleasures and happiness that bind the Irwin family together. Chandler Powell, Grace's father, couldn't help but express his adoration for the two, commenting, "So much happiness in one video.

I love you both ??," encapsulating the sentiment felt by all who witness the Irwin family's enduring love and camaraderie.