Anthony Anderson's Daring Stunt Goes Awry: A Humorous ER Tale

In a surprising turn on set, Anthony Anderson faces...

by Nouman Rasool
Anthony Anderson's Daring Stunt Goes Awry: A Humorous ER Tale
© Corey Nickols/Getty Images

Hollywood actor Anthony Anderson recently shared an update on his health following a mishap on a movie set that led to his hospitalization. The 53-year-old actor, known for his vibrant spirit, took to Instagram this Thursday to share his experience, accompanied by a cheerful photo of himself on a hospital gurney.

In a light-hearted post, Anderson revealed that he had been involved in a stunt for a movie that didn't go as planned, leading to an overnight stay in the emergency room. "Caught in a tussle with two adversaries and a chair on set, it turns out I was the underdog," Anderson quipped.

The actor humorously conceded the need for a stunt double, admitting that the years have taken their toll on his physical resilience. Despite the scare, Anderson reassured fans that serious injury was averted. Following thorough medical examinations, including a CT scan and X-rays, doctors confirmed that there were no fractures or breaks, just a significant bruise on his back.

Anderson couldn't resist a jest at the chair's expense, declaring it the worse for wear after their encounter. The "Black-ish" star continued to share his experience in a subsequent post featuring the infamous chair, humorously personifying it as his formidable opponent from the previous night.

Anderson's narrative not only highlighted his ordeal but also his unbreakable spirit.

"G20" Set Injury Update

Anderson's resilience and humor were met with support from fans and colleagues alike, including a caring remark from "Black-ish" co-star Tracee Ellis Ross, who expressed relief at his well-being.

Currently, Anderson is working on the thriller "G20," a high-stakes drama centered around a terrorist attack at the G20 Summit. The film boasts an impressive cast, including Viola Davis and Anderson's fellow "Black-ish" alum Marsai Martin.

Anderson's commitment to his craft and ability to find humor in adversity resonate with his advice to aspiring actors: to persevere, stay prepared, and maintain self-belief amidst the industry's challenges.