Tom Sandoval's New Flame Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio's Ex

Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval Finds New Love

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Sandoval's New Flame Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio's Ex
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In a surprising turn of events, Tom Sandoval, renowned for his role in Vanderpump Rules, has officially introduced the world to his new love interest, Victoria Lee Robinson. Following the tumultuous scandal that saw his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix crumble due to an affair with their VPR co-star, Rachel "Raquel" Leviss, Sandoval appears to be ready for a fresh start.

Sandoval's Instagram Stories have been buzzing with images of him and Robinson sharing tender moments at Schwartz & Sandys, sending fans into a frenzy. One snapshot captures the couple radiating happiness as they snuggle closely, while another shows Robinson affectionately embracing Sandoval with a kiss on the cheek.

The images speak volumes, reflecting the newfound connection between the two. According to a trusted source, Sandoval and Robinson have been "hanging out and enjoying their time together." This budding romance marks Sandoval's first serious relationship since the notorious Scandoval affair that shook the reality TV world.

Madix, his former partner, swiftly moved on with NYC-based personal trainer Daniel Wai in the wake of the scandal, and now, Sandoval is finding solace in the company of Victoria Lee Robinson.

Sandoval's Regrets and Redemption

Robinson, a fashion model, is no stranger to the spotlight.

In 2016, she made headlines when she was spotted leaving an afterparty for Justin Bieber's Purpose tour in New York City, in the company of none other than Hollywood icon Leonardo DiCaprio. This intriguing connection adds another layer to her intriguing history.

During an appearance on The Viall Files podcast, Sandoval expressed his desire for Madix to "move on" and "leave me behind." Despite their separation, the former couple continues to share a residence in Los Angeles. Sandoval is determined to make amends for his past actions and never repeat the same mistakes, vowing to protect his future partner's heart.

When asked if he was ready to safeguard someone's heart after the fallout from his affair, Sandoval replied with sincerity, "Yes, of course I am ... I don't know what to say except I f---ed up ... It doesn't matter the scenario, it doesn't matter.

I f---ed up, and I do know that. I do love hard, I really do." Reflecting on his past, Sandoval admitted that his affair with Leviss stemmed from "low self-worth" and expressed deep regret, emphasizing his commitment to personal growth and healing.

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