'I'm A Celebrity': Robert Irwin's Hosting Debut Date Announced

Irwin's New Role Promises Exciting Celebrity Encounters

by Zain ul Abedin
'I'm A Celebrity': Robert Irwin's Hosting Debut Date Announced
© Jono Searle/Getty Images

In an exciting development for reality TV enthusiasts, Robert Irwin, the renowned Wildlife Warrior, is set to co-host the popular wildlife reality show, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here." The announcement has sparked considerable excitement among fans, eagerly anticipating his debut on the show.

Channel 10 has confirmed that viewers can catch their first glimpse of Irwin in action on Sunday, March 24, marking a significant moment in the show's history. At just 20 years old, Robert Irwin is poised to bring a fresh, dynamic presence to the show's hosting lineup, joining forces with the seasoned and much-loved host, Julia Morris.

His entry into the realm of television hosting is especially noteworthy, considering the stiff competition he faced. Among those contending this coveted role were notable personalities like Sam Pang, Jimmy Rees, Curtis Stone, Beau Ryan, and Tristan MacManus.

However, Irwin's unique blend of charisma and wildlife expertise ultimately saw him clinch the position.

Irwin Elevates Star Power

Robert's debut on "I'm A Celebrity" is a personal triumph and a significant draw for the show, expected to bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to the African wilderness.

According to an insider source from Yahoo Lifestyle, the Irwin family's close connections with A-list celebrities, including the Hemsworths and Melissa Joan Hart, are anticipated to add an extra layer of star power to the show.

Hart, in particular, is rumored to be the most likely celebrity contestant this year. The source further revealed that the show's producers aim to secure high-profile celebrities every year, with hopes that stars like Melissa Joan Hart or Jean-Claude Van Damme might join the lineup.

"This could be the year we catch some of those white whales," the insider expressed with optimism. In a testament to Robert's influence and networking skills, the insider disclosed that he had been in discussions with "seriously famous names" to appear on the show.

This development has reportedly impressed Julia Morris, acknowledging that Irwin's involvement has elevated the show's celebrity appeal.