Ben Shephard Teases Chris Kamara's Lift Mishap

Chris Kamara's lift ordeal sparks playful banter online.

by Nouman Rasool
Ben Shephard Teases Chris Kamara's Lift Mishap
© Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ben Shephard couldn't help but tease Chris Kamara following a humorous yet familiar predicament the latter found himself in recently. In an amusing turn of events, Kamara and a few companions, including Jill Scott, were trapped in an elevator, prompting him to share their light-hearted distress on his X account.

Accompanied by a cheerful selfie with Scott and others, Kamara reached out to his substantial following of 1.8 million, jesting, "Stuck in the lift with @JillScottJS8 come & help us before the smiles wear off." This incident quickly caught the attention of Shephard, who seized the moment to reminisce about a similar situation the two shared back in 2015.

During a live broadcast of the League Cup final at Wembley, they found themselves in a lift dilemma, struggling to make it to the pitch on time. Shephard posted a throwback photo where Kamara is seen making a grimace, contrasting his current situation where he seemed much more at ease.

Shephard quipped, "Again???? This is Wembley 2015 during live league cup final broadcast when we got stuck trying to get to the pitch!! You def look happier with @JillScottJS8."

Elevator Escapades Revisited

Reflecting on the 2015 incident, Kamara mentioned how they were pressed for time, having only five minutes to reach the pitch side, yet they barely managed.

He contrasted this with their recent elevator ordeal, noting, "We only got stuck for 2 minutes yesterday." Kamara's followers were quick to join in on the banter, with one fan expressing their admiration for Jill Scott, suggesting she likely kept spirits high with a joke or two.

Another follower commented on the enjoyable company of Kamara, hinting at the entertainment value he brings even in less-than-ideal situations. A third follower chimed in, hoping the elevator delay was brief, yet acknowledging the interesting company Kamara kept.

This light-hearted exchange between Shephard and Kamara not only showcases their enduring friendship but also brings a humorous twist to the occasional inconveniences life throws our way.