Cillian Murphy to Executive Produce '28 Days Later' Sequel

Zombie Trilogy Excitement: Murphy Elevates Anticipation.

by Nouman Rasool
Cillian Murphy to Executive Produce '28 Days Later' Sequel
© Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The iconic duo of director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland are set to reconvene for an ambitious zombie trilogy, reviving the pulse-pounding world of "28 Days Later." The project marks a significant reunion, reminiscent of George Miller's triumphant return with "Mad Max: Fury Road" in 2015, and has sent waves of excitement through the industry.

The trilogy's first installment will see Boyle, renowned for his groundbreaking work in the original film, taking the directorial helm. Meanwhile, Garland, whose writing prowess has been widely acclaimed, is poised to direct the second film in this riveting saga.

This strategic division of roles promises to infuse the series with a diverse yet harmonious cinematic vision.

Murphy's Dual Role

Adding to the buzz, Cillian Murphy, the celebrated actor whose performance in the original "28 Days Later" catapulted him to fame, is not only reprising his role but also stepping into a new realm as an executive producer.

There is growing speculation among fans that Murphy, recently acclaimed for his role in "Oppenheimer," might also make a much-anticipated return to the screen, although details of the project are currently shrouded in secrecy.

The announcement of this two-part sequel was the culmination of a fierce bidding war among Hollywood's elite studios. Represented by WME, Boyle and Garland's enticing package was pitched to the industry just three weeks ago, igniting a competitive race.

Warner Bros. and Sony emerged as frontrunners, with Sony ultimately clinching the deal in a testament to the project's immense potential and appeal. The collaboration of Boyle and Garland, coupled with Murphy's multifaceted involvement, heralds a new chapter in this beloved franchise.

The industry's enthusiastic response, mirrored by the anticipation of fans worldwide, underscores the enduring allure of the "28 Days Later" universe and its significant impact on the horror genre. As details of the project unfold, audiences eagerly await what promises to be a thrilling and innovative addition to the cinematic landscape.