Jason Momoa Desperate to Date Demi Moore


Jason Momoa Desperate to Date Demi Moore
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In the ever-evolving tapestry of Hollywood romance, freshly divorced Jason Momoa is reportedly setting his sights on a new love interest - the illustrious Demi Moore. The Aquaman star, who recently re-entered the singles scene following his split from Lisa Bonet, appears to be captivated by the charm and grace of Moore.

This intriguing development comes after Momoa, 44, and Moore, 61, were spotted sharing a light-hearted moment at a high-profile Hollywood event on January 18. Sources from RadarOnline suggest that the duo exhibited a flirtatious rapport, with Moore seemingly relishing the undivided attention of the dashing actor.

Speaking to National Enquirer, an insider close to the situation revealed that Momoa was quick to secure Moore's contact details post-event, reportedly telling her that she is "the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen." This burgeoning admiration is further evidenced by Momoa's alleged text messages to Moore, which, according to the insider, are filled with compliments and affirmations of her beauty.

"It's super cheesy, but Demi’s loving it," the source added.

Jason's Persistent Pursuit

The source further disclosed that Momoa is not just casually interested but is actively 'begging' Moore to consider a date. "The idea of being with Demi is a huge fantasy for Jason.

He believes they would be an extraordinary match," the insider noted. While Moore maintains a composed demeanor, the source suggests, "If he keeps this up, she might just give in." This potential romance emerges after Momoa's finalized divorce from Lisa Bonet, 56.

The couple, who were married for four years following a 12-year relationship, cited 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason for their split. Both have expressed a mutual desire to move forward on individual paths. As the public eye turns to this potential new pairing, it's clear that Hollywood's romantic landscape is as dynamic and unpredictable as ever.

With Momoa and Moore at pivotal moments in their lives, only time will tell if this connection evolves beyond casual flirtation into something more profound.

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