Stan Druckenmiller Pledges Ongoing Support for Nikki Haley

Haley's Campaign Boosted by High-Profile Fundraising Events.

by Nouman Rasool
Stan Druckenmiller Pledges Ongoing Support for Nikki Haley
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

In a recent development that signifies unwavering support in the Republican presidential race, renowned investor Stan Druckenmiller has publicly declared his continued backing for Nikki Haley’s bid for the Republican nomination, despite her facing a challenging contest against Donald Trump.

This announcement was made by Druckenmiller as he was exiting a high-profile New York City fundraiser event for Haley, a former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador. The news of Druckenmiller's sustained commitment comes on the heels of Citadel founder Ken Griffin's disclosure of a substantial $5 million contribution to the super political action committee championing Haley's campaign earlier this month.

However, Griffin has indicated his intention to shift future funding towards Congressional races. Additionally, other prominent donors, including investor Tim Draper and the Charles Koch-supported Americans For Prosperity, have expressed their intentions to persist in supporting Haley.

Fundraiser's Elite Attendance

The New York fundraiser, which listed Druckenmiller as one of its co-hosts, saw the participation of a cadre of influential figures. These included KKR & Co. co-Chairman Henry Kravis, The Home Depot Inc.

co-founder Ken Langone, and AQR Capital Management’s Cliff Asness. Other notable attendees encompassed billionaire Leonard Stern, former Alliance Capital chief Dave Williams, Broadway theater owner James Nederlander, retired Altria executive Dinny Devitre, New Mountain Capital’s Steve Klinsky, and conservationist Susan Rockefeller.

Haley's fundraising efforts are gaining momentum, with a target of raising $1.5 million in New York and an additional $1 million in south Florida, where she is scheduled for upcoming events. Simone Levinson, a significant donor and organizer for Haley's fundraisers, highlighted the exceptional response at the events, citing a surge of new donors alongside long-standing supporters.

Despite trailing Trump by a considerable margin in the Republican primary race, Haley remains the sole contender against him. She faces a challenging path ahead, especially in South Carolina, the next critical contest, where she is currently behind by approximately 30 percentage points.

During the New York event, Haley acknowledged the narrow path to victory but remained optimistic, citing Trump’s legal challenges and her strategy to engage voters who typically only participate in general elections.