Chef Tom Kerridge's £20 Spud Shock


Chef Tom Kerridge's £20 Spud Shock
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Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge is facing backlash for pricing a jacket potato at £19.50 in his Marlow-based gastro pub, The Coach, amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK. The 50-year-old MasterChef personality, known for his upscale culinary ventures, has been accused by customers of being out of touch, especially when financial constraints are forcing many to forego luxury dining.

This isn't the first time Kerridge has been at the center of controversy for his menu prices. Earlier, his rendition of the classic British fish and chips at Harrods, priced at £35, sparked outrage for its steep cost and modest serving size.

Critics argue that such prices are extravagant, particularly during a period when many are struggling to manage basic expenses. The recent uproar revolves around Kerridge's "The Coach Baked Potato 'Raclette' with Sauce Reform," a dish he touts as a culinary masterpiece, featuring a sumptuous filling of cheese and ham.

Despite the chef's enthusiasm, the public's response has been less than favorable, with many ridiculing the idea of a nearly £20 baked potato, especially when a pack of four can be purchased at a supermarket like Tesco for merely 70p.

Kerridge's Pricey Fare

Social media users have expressed their disbelief and frustration, with comments ranging from sarcastic predictions about "luxury beans on toast" to outright indignation at the perceived audacity of such high pricing for a basic dish.

Nonetheless, a few voices in the online community, including TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, have shown interest in trying the upscale potato dish, admiring its purported sophistication. Kerridge, who has previously responded to criticism with strong language, continues to defend his culinary creations and pricing, asserting the value and quality of the dining experience at his establishments.

His other restaurant, Kerridge's Bar and Grill in central London, now offers the previously debated fish and chips for £32, maintaining his commitment to premium dining experiences despite public scrutiny.