Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner Joins Gersh

Exploring the multifaceted journey of a renowned figure.

by Nouman Rasool
Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner Joins Gersh
© Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Gerry Turner, a 72-year-old retired entrepreneur, recently acclaimed for his charismatic presence on ABC's hit show "The Golden Bachelor," has embarked on a new venture by signing with the renowned talent agency, Gersh. Turner's captivating journey on the show, which showcased his life as a widower and a former restaurateur-turned-mediator, has turned him into a sought-after personality in the entertainment industry.

Turner's unique blend of personal charisma, coupled with his life experiences, significantly contributed to "The Golden Bachelor" achieving the highest 35-day audience average for an unscripted ABC series in the past five years.

His story, portraying him as a successful entrepreneur who later pursued a career in mediation, resonated deeply with viewers, adding a layer of authenticity and relatability to the show.

Turner's Varied Career

Before his rise to fame, Turner had a diverse career trajectory.

He ventured into the restaurant business and later transitioned into writing for trade publications and speaking engagements. In 2007, Turner took a bold step by returning to academia to gain certification as a mediator, a role that saw him actively involved in resolving conflicts in small claims courts, divorce cases, and civil rights disputes.

However, Turner's narrative on the show was not without controversy. A late November article by The Hollywood Reporter revealed discrepancies in the story presented by "The Golden Bachelor." A woman alleged a nearly three-year relationship with Turner post the demise of his wife, contradicting the show's depiction of him seeking love for the first time since his bereavement.

Additionally, the report indicated that Turner had been out of the restaurant business since 1985. Despite these revelations, Turner's career trajectory and the success of "The Golden Bachelor" exhibit his potential for various roles, including publishing, public speaking, and further television appearances.

Gersh, in its bid to expand globally, has recently integrated the alternative and digital departments of A3, a boutique agency, and also brought Cineflix Productions on board as a client. Turner's signing aligns with this expansion strategy.

Turner's representation extends beyond Gersh, with attorney Joseph Weiner of Miloknay Weiner also playing a pivotal role in his career management. As Turner embarks on this new chapter with Gersh, the entertainment industry eagerly anticipates the diverse opportunities that may arise from this dynamic collaboration.