Are Princess Kate Middleton's health conditions worrying?


Are Princess Kate Middleton's health conditions worrying?
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The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton left the London Clinic yesterday and now a long rest awaits her in Windsor, in the residence where the family moved after leaving Kensington Palace.

According to BBC, Kate will need three months of convalescence to recover from abdominal surgery. She who will be her all the time away from any public activity.

The British media are speculating a lot about the princess's illness, highlighting how the situation could be more serious than expected. Indeed, some British media revealed how Buckingham Palace begged the British media themselves not to disclose anything. 

No one saw her and no one was able to photograph her: this fuels concerns among the British people about her health.

Princess Kate Middleton
Princess Kate Middleton© Pool / Team Getty Images Entertainment

We recall Kensington Palace explained yesterday in a note: "The Princess of Wales has returned home to Windsor to continue her recovery from surgery. She is making good progress. The Prince and Princess would like to say a huge thank you to the entire team at the London Clinic, in particular the dedicated nursing staff, for the care they provided. The Wales family continues to be grateful for the well wishes they have received from around the world. The return to Palace commitments will depend on the advice of the doctors."

Where will Princess Kate convalesce?

Kate will reside at Adelaide Cottage during her convalescence. It is an 1831 cottage on the Windsor estate, once a favorite of Princess Margaret and Captain Peter Townsend. It was renewed in 2015 and has been taken over by William and Kate since 2022.

The cottage is painted pink and is positioned within the 655 acres of the Windsor estate. The castle is only a ten minute walk away. The house has four bedrooms and a garden. It is also just a few miles away from Ascot, where the princes attend Lambrook School. Kate will be able to count on the help of her parents Carole and Michael who live 40 minutes away by car, and on the babysitter Maria Borrallo who however no longer lives with the family, as she did at Kensington Palace.


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