Lionel Richie Excited for Daughter Sofia's Motherhood


Lionel Richie Excited for Daughter Sofia's Motherhood
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Renowned singer and songwriter Lionel Richie is beaming with excitement as he anticipates the arrival of another grandchild into his family. The 74-year-old music legend couldn't contain his joy as he spoke about his daughter Sofia Richie Grainge's impending journey into motherhood during 'The Greatest Night in Pop' premiere in Hollywood.

"I am pumped up," Lionel exclaimed with a wide grin, reflecting on the prospect of being a grandfather once more. He playfully shared his intentions to shower yet another child with love and affection, but with a mischievous glint in his eye, he added, "I'm not quite sure what the child will do to me, but I'm hoping that the child gives the parents a bit of a run because every parent wants to get even as to what you did to me." Sofia, aged 25, and her husband, Elliot Grainge, aged 30, recently confirmed their pregnancy in an interview with Vogue, marking the next chapter in their life after tying the knot in April the previous year.

Lionel, who is no stranger to the joys of grandparenthood, having two grandchildren—Harlow, aged 16, and Sparrow Madden, aged 14—courtesy of his eldest daughter Nicole Richie, shared some lighthearted parenting advice for Sofia.

He quipped, "So a new baby coming along, 'Oh my God, Dad, what do I do now?' Ah ha! All parents like this position." Lionel went on to emphasize his eagerness to cherish and pamper the new addition to the family while humorously adding, "And on very special occasions give the child back so the parents can actually raise this child."

Expectant Grandfather's Heartfelt Confidence

Lionel's optimism shines through as he expresses his confidence in his daughter's ability to excel in her new role as a mother.

He lauds Sofia and Elliot as loving parents while acknowledging the unpredictability that comes with every child. "These are two loving parents, and I don't think they really know what's coming because every kid is different.

So no matter what advice I give them, there's no manual for this. They'll figure it out," he stated warmly. In a heartwarming twist, Sofia revealed how she and Elliot shared their pregnancy news with their parents. With an Hermes box in hand, Sofia led everyone to believe she had bought a lavish gift from Milan Fashion Week.

However, when the box was opened, it revealed three pregnancy tests, leaving their parents pleasantly surprised and emotional. As Lionel Richie eagerly awaits the arrival of his newest grandchild, his words reflect not only his excitement but also his enduring love and support for his growing family.