T.J. Holmes Reminisces About Anchor Blooper: Crawling Under Desk

Exploring T.J. Holmes' Unique Approach to Broadcasting Challenges

by Zain ul Abedin
T.J. Holmes Reminisces About Anchor Blooper: Crawling Under Desk
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In an engaging recount during the newest episode of their podcast 'Amy & T.J.' , broadcast journalist T.J. Holmes shared a humorous and somewhat humbling experience from his early days in the newsroom. Holmes, 46, alongside his girlfriend and co-host Amy Robach, delved into what he described as his "most embarrassing" moment while anchoring.

This episode, released on Tuesday, saw Holmes revisit his early career days at KNTV in San Francisco. As a young journalist in his mid-twenties, Holmes recalled the excitement and pressure of filling in for the main anchor on the prestigious 11 o'clock news.

"This was a significant moment, a real turning point in a top-five market," Holmes reflected. However, this pivotal moment quickly turned comical when he encountered an unexpected hiccup with the teleprompter. Explaining the nuances of broadcasting, Holmes noted that the teleprompter usually contains a template with the anchor's names, which in this instance, hadn't been updated to reflect his role as the fill-in anchor.

When the broadcast began, Holmes inadvertently introduced himself as Alan Denton, the main anchor he was substituting for, causing a mix-up that he humorously described as "traumatizing."

Teleprompter Mishap Impact

Robach, 50, intrigued by the story, inquired about Holmes' reaction and that of his co-anchor at the time.

Holmes amusingly admitted that for the entirety of that broadcast, he was "physically under the news desk." This incident, he joked, might be the reason behind his current distrust of teleprompters. The conversation took a reflective turn as Robach recalled how, during their time co-hosting ABC's 'GMA3', Holmes preferred memorizing or keeping notes in his head rather than relying on the teleprompter.

"It was awe-inspiring," Robach said, "especially considering the detailed intros he had to deliver." Holmes agreed, labeling the incident as a form of 'trauma' that influenced his present-day broadcasting style. Beyond the lighthearted banter, the podcast also touched on a more personal note.

The launch of 'Amy & T.J.' on December 5 marked exactly one year since the couple was put on hiatus from ABC News due to the revelation of their romantic relationship. Reflecting on this, Robach mentioned, "That was the day we were told not to come into work, and we never did get that call to return." Holmes added, "We lost the jobs we loved because we loved each other." The pair's candid discussion not only highlighted a memorable moment from Holmes' early career but also shed light on their current journey, navigating both professional and personal landscapes.