Trump Awaits $370M Fraud Case Verdict, Labels It 'Hoax'

Former President Faces Unprecedented Legal and Financial Challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Awaits $370M Fraud Case Verdict, Labels It 'Hoax'
© David Becker/Getty Images

As the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, braces himself for a critical judgment in a high-stakes civil fraud lawsuit this week, the potential consequences loom large. The lawsuit, seeking a staggering $370 million, not only threatens the integrity of Trump's vast real estate empire but also risks setting a rare precedent in the business world.

This impending decision follows closely on the heels of a separate federal defamation case verdict, where Trump was ordered to pay $83.3 million to columnist E. Jean Carroll last Friday. Amidst his efforts to reclaim the presidency, Trump now confronts a daunting legal battlefield.

This lawsuit is just one of four criminal trials he faces, all while he leads as the Republican presidential frontrunner. Trump has consistently argued that these legal challenges are a result of unfair attacks by Democrats, aimed at obstructing his political resurgence.

Engoron's Fraud Ruling

In a significant ruling last September, New York Justice Arthur Engoron concluded that Trump had engaged in repeated fraudulent activities from 2011 to 2021. This involved inflating the value of his real estate assets to secure favorable deals from lenders and insurers.

While Trump's appeal is pending, the possibility of Engoron imposing a "business death penalty" by revoking Trump's business certificates remains a critical concern. Engoron had specifically pointed out several instances of misrepresentation, including the overvaluation of the Mar-a-Lago resort and Trump Park Avenue apartments, and the exaggeration of the size of Trump's Trump Tower penthouse.

The trial, which had its closing arguments on January 11, was a focal point for Justice Engoron's decision-making process. Experts like Columbia University law professor Eric Talley note the unprecedented nature of such a ruling, questioning whether it's a justified response to fraud or influenced by personal biases against Trump.

Trump's Defense Strategy

Trump and his legal team have maintained that the lawsuit is unfounded, citing the successful repayment of loans and the satisfaction of lenders as evidence of no harm done. An Associated Press investigation into similar cases in New York since 1956 supports the rarity of such severe consequences for businesses, usually reserved for cases with clear victims and significant losses.

During the trial, Trump's confrontational stance was evident, both in court and on social media. He criticized Justice Engoron and Attorney General James, whom he referred to as a "political hack," and was subsequently fined for violating gag orders.

Trump's defense hinges on the argument of 'No Victims, No Damages,' a stance he has vigorously expressed in recent social media posts and public statements. He insists the case is a politically motivated witch hunt and a hoax, aimed at undermining his political aspirations.

This legal ordeal, undoubtedly, is the most significant financial threat Trump has faced in recent times. The outcome, eagerly awaited by many, will not only have implications for Trump's business empire but also for the political landscape as he continues his campaign for a return to the White House.