Shaughna Phillips on Billy's Jail Time: 'Ideal Punishment'

Phillips addresses challenges of parenting solo during Webb's sentence.

by Nouman Rasool
Shaughna Phillips on Billy's Jail Time: 'Ideal Punishment'
© David M. Benett/Getty Images

Shaughna Phillips, notably recognized from her 2020 appearance on "Love Island," recently voiced her perspective on her ex-partner Billy Webb's incarceration, emphasizing the absence from their daughter's life as the ultimate consequence.

Webb, who was sentenced last year on drug-related charges, is presently serving time, leaving Phillips to navigate single motherhood with their nine-month-old daughter, Lucia. In an exclusive interview with OK!, Phillips candidly expressed that the true penalty for Webb isn't merely his prison term but the significant moments he's missing with Lucia.

"The real punishment comes from him not being present for pivotal milestones in Lucia's life," Phillips remarked. The reality star holds a firm belief that these missed experiences, especially during occasions like Christmas, should serve as a profound lesson for Webb, urging him to reflect on his actions and their repercussions.

Webb's arrest followed a narcotics operation that culminated in his confession to conspiring in the distribution of approximately 4.5kg of cocaine, valued at over £360,000. His subsequent nine-year sentence has thrust Phillips into the role of a sole caregiver, a reality she was unprepared for, given her unawareness of Webb's illegal activities prior to his arrest.

Phillips: Hope Amidst Strife

As Phillips navigates this unexpected journey, she remains focused on the well-being and upbringing of their daughter, with plans already underway for Lucia's first birthday celebration in April.

Despite the challenges, Phillips is determined to create joyous memories for Lucia, hinting at an extravagant birthday bash in the works. Phillips's story sheds light on the broader impacts of incarceration, extending beyond the individual to touch the lives of family members left to cope with the aftermath.

As she looks ahead, Phillips hopes that the weight of these missed moments will resonate with Webb, fostering a path toward redemption and change.