Trump Blasts UAW President: 'Dump this Fool!'

Political Showdown: Trump vs. UAW's Biden Endorsement

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Blasts UAW President: 'Dump this Fool!'
© David Becker/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump took to social media on Sunday to criticize United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain for endorsing President Biden, expressing his disagreement with Fain's perspective on the future of the automobile industry.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump conveyed his concerns about Fain's stance, which he believes supports China's interests over America's. Trump specifically cited Fain's recent interview on CBS News's "Face the Nation," during which Fain made critical remarks about the former president.

Trump described Fain as a "STIFF" who, in his opinion, contributes to the transfer of the automobile industry to China. Trump asserted that Fain has embraced Biden's vision of transitioning to all-electric vehicles, a move that, according to Trump, would result in fewer jobs and all-electric cars primarily being produced in China.

In contrast, Trump emphasized his desire to see all types of vehicles manufactured in the United States, which would require foreign countries, including China, to build manufacturing plants in the USA or face tariffs. Trump criticized the current situation, where major car manufacturers build their plants in Mexico and export vehicles to the United States without tariffs.

Trump's Plea vs. Fain's Biden Endorsement

Trump concluded his post by urging people to support him and vote for him in the future, promising to revitalize the American automobile industry and bring jobs back to the country.

In his CBS News interview, Fain highlighted the UAW's endorsement of President Biden and praised its commitment to supporting the union's initiatives, particularly during their recent strike against significant automakers.

Fain drew a sharp contrast between Biden and Trump, characterizing Biden as someone who has consistently advocated for the working class while portraying Trump as a billionaire who primarily serves his interests and those of the wealthy elite.

The UAW officially endorsed Biden's re-election campaign, with Fain referring to Trump as a "scab" during that announcement. Fain's comment underscored the ideological differences between the union and the former president.

Union Concerns and Political Backlash

Fain acknowledged that the endorsement was somewhat delayed due to concerns within the union about the potential impact of the Biden administration's push for electric vehicles on industry jobs.

However, he emphasized the UAW's commitment to environmental and working-class issues and the security provided by their new contract. Trump has consistently criticized the Biden administration's electric vehicle policies, expressing concerns about the future of the auto industry in Michigan.

In response to Trump's criticism, the Biden-Harris Campaign used Fain's "scab" remark to take a jab at the former president's ego, characterizing it as a reaction to losing the UAW's endorsement to Joe Biden.