Kieran Culkin Shares Jesse Eisenberg's Mental Health Challenges

Exploring the personal challenges behind the scenes in Hollywood.

by Nouman Rasool
Kieran Culkin Shares Jesse Eisenberg's Mental Health Challenges
© Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In a revealing interview with E!, "Succession" star Kieran Culkin opened up about his dynamic with Jesse Eisenberg during the filming of their latest movie, "A Real Pain". Culkin, 41, described the challenges they faced due to their contrasting personalities and approaches to their craft, highlighting Eisenberg's struggles with anxiety, particularly in the high-pressure environment of Hollywood.

Eisenberg, known for his role in "The Social Network", has long battled with anxiety issues, a fact that became evident to Culkin during their recent appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. “He’s just an anxious person," Culkin shared, recalling how Eisenberg was visibly shaking on the red carpet at the premiere.

"Just now, I had my arm around him and he was shaking,” he added, painting a vivid picture of Eisenberg's battle with his inner demons.

Eisenberg's Pervasive Anxiety

Eisenberg's anxiety extends beyond the limelight, affecting his day-to-day life.

Culkin relayed a personal admission from Eisenberg: “Everything – when I go outside – makes me nervous”. This confession underscores the pervasive nature of Eisenberg's anxiety, which permeates his professional and personal life.

The filming of "A Real Pain", a comedy-drama about two cousins traveling to Poland after their grandmother's death, brought to light the stark contrast in their working styles. Culkin, with a more relaxed approach, often clashed with Eisenberg's meticulous and tense method.

Culkin recalled a telling incident where Eisenberg's anxiety was palpable: “He came to the trailer I was in and he was like, ‘Okay, are you ready for today?" To which Culkin responded nonchalantly, unaware of the day's schedule.

This casual attitude, Culkin admits, exacerbated Eisenberg's nervousness. The film, which delves into a poignant Holocaust narrative, showcases the talents of both actors, each bringing their unique perspective to their roles.

Culkin's candid revelations not only shed light on the realities of working in Hollywood but also highlight the importance of understanding and accommodating mental health struggles in all professional environments.