Meghan McCain Horrified by Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Return

McCain's Take on 'The Daily Show' and Its Future.

by Nouman Rasool
Meghan McCain Horrified by Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Return
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In a recent episode of her podcast, "Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat," Meghan McCain, a prominent right-wing political commentator, shared her thoughts on Jon Stewart's upcoming return to "The Daily Show." Stewart, 61, is set to host the program on Mondays starting February 12, marking his return to the show after a nine-year hiatus.

McCain expressed her dismay at the transformation she perceives in Stewart over the years, describing him as "woke" and unrecognizable from the Jon Stewart she once admired. She recalled being a fan of "The Daily Show" during Stewart's tenure as the host in 1999.

However, as the show evolved to become more critical of conservative politics, McCain stopped watching.

McCain's Concerns and Questions

One of McCain's concerns is the revolving door of hosts on the show, as Trevor Noah succeeded Stewart and recently departed in December 2022.

She questioned the show's inability to select a permanent host, leaving viewers uncertain about what to expect with each new host. McCain pondered the direction of "The Daily Show," wondering if it would become a platform resembling MSNBC with a comedic twist, or if it would continue down a path of divisiveness.

Stewart's return to the show is scheduled to coincide with the presidential election season and extend into 2025. Chris McCarthy, the chief executive of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, praised Stewart as the voice of their generation and commended his ability to provide clarity amid the current climate of hypocrisy and performative politics.

The news also touched on rumors that Hasan Minhaj, 38, was initially considered as a permanent replacement for Trevor Noah but was subsequently dropped due to allegations that he fabricated autobiographical anecdotes in his stand-up routines, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter in 2023.

Jon Stewart's return to "The Daily Show" has stirred mixed reactions, with Meghan McCain voicing her concerns about the show's future direction. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Stewart will navigate his return to the comedy series that made him a household name.