Phillip Schofield: A Shift in Body Language to 'Happy' and Relaxed

Schofield's Journey Beyond Controversy: A Glimpse of Resilience

by Zain ul Abedin
Phillip Schofield: A Shift in Body Language to 'Happy' and Relaxed
© Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

In recent times, Phillip Schofield, a familiar face on British television, has notably shifted away from the public eye. This transition came after the surfacing of an affair scandal last May, which led to his departure from the popular morning show "This Morning" after a remarkable tenure of over two decades.

Previously co-hosting with Holly Willoughby, a close personal friend, Schofield's decision to step back followed the exposure of his controversial yet legal relationship with a younger colleague. This revelation inevitably brought an end to his long-standing role on the show, leaving a void subsequently filled by Stephen Mulhern, aged 46, alongside Holly.

Schofield, 61, has maintained a low profile since these events. However, recent sightings have depicted a stark contrast to his previously reserved demeanor. Notably, during a casual outing last Thursday, Schofield was seen leaving a local shop in high spirits, laughing and grinning broadly, offering the public a rare glimpse of his current state of mind.

Phil's Quiet Recovery

This change comes amidst the return of "Dancing On Ice" to television, a show he previously co-hosted with Willoughby. Despite his absence, reports suggest that Schofield has not been tuning in to the show, still feeling the sting of his departure.

According to sources from The Sun, the theme tune of "This Morning" itself acts as a painful reminder for Schofield, who is reportedly still reeling from the fallout with Willoughby and the way it unfolded in the public eye.

"The whole Holly falling-out and the way it was played out publicly has left Phil still bruised," a source revealed to The Sun. "He can't bring himself to watch 'This Morning,' and even listening to the theme tune is deeply triggering.

He is not likely watching Holly's return to TV. Phil wants to move on and live a quiet life away from the spotlight as he tries to rebuild." In the wake of the distressing kidnap news, Schofield reached out to offer support, but it's understood that they have not been in regular contact since then.

As Willoughby made her return to "Dancing On Ice" earlier this month, it's unclear if Schofield had any communication with her ahead of her comeback.