Will Ferrell's Thinks of A New Movie Inspired by Best Friend's Trans Journey

Exploring Deep Friendships in the Face of Societal Challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Will Ferrell's Thinks of A New Movie Inspired by Best Friend's Trans Journey
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In the scenic backdrop of Park City, Utah, the esteemed Sundance Film Festival has once again proven its mettle as a crucible for heartwarming cinema. Echoing the success of past sensations like "Theater Camp" and the Oscar-winning "CODA," this year's festival spotlight shines on "Will & Harper," a documentary that radiates joy and affirmation.

The film delves into the profound friendship between comedic icon Will Ferrell and Harper Steele, a seasoned comedy writer. The bond between Ferrell, 56, and Steele, 63, traces back over three decades to their days at "Saturday Night Live" in the mid-90s.

Their collaboration flourished over the years, notably in the film "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga." A pivotal moment came in 2022 when Steele courageously revealed her identity as a trans woman through an intimate email to friends and family.

Inspired by Steele's journey and seeking deeper understanding, Ferrell proposed an audacious plan: a two-week cross-country road trip from New York to California. This venture saw them revisit Steele's old haunts – diners, sports arenas, and biker bars, locations she once cherished but now approached with a mix of nostalgia and apprehension.

Transcending Narratives: 'Will & Harper'

"Will & Harper" transcends the typical narrative, offering audiences a window into experiences they might not otherwise encounter. Ferrell, serving as a relatable conduit for the viewers, engages Steele with thoughtful inquiries about her life, balancing curiosity with respect for her privacy.

Their journey is not without its challenges. They face instances of misunderstanding and prejudice, highlighting the realities of Steele's experience as a trans woman. In one particularly poignant scene, Steele corrects a misgendering incident in a bar, her poise juxtaposed against a backdrop of Confederate and Trump flags.

Another moment of tension unfolds in a Texas barbecue joint, where the duo's presence attracts unwanted attention, culminating in an emotional exchange where Ferrell expresses remorse for inadvertently exposing Steele to potential danger.

Yet, the film's soul lies in Steele's unflinching honesty. She shares her struggles with mental health and body image, her regrets, and her gratitude for the timing of her transition. In a heartfelt conversation, she reflects on the life she might have had, acknowledging the bittersweet trade-offs of her journey.

Directed by Josh Greenbaum of “Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar” fame, "Will & Harper" made its debut at Sundance and is currently seeking distribution. The film is a mosaic of emotions, blending humor, vulnerability, and the enduring strength of friendship. It’s a testament to the power of cinema in capturing and celebrating the richness of human experience.

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