Percy Jackson: Toby Stephens Hints at Expanded Poseidon Role

Latest 'Percy Jackson' Episode Unveils Deep Emotional Layers.

by Nouman Rasool
Percy Jackson: Toby Stephens Hints at Expanded Poseidon Role
© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The latest installment of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" brought a powerful performance from Toby Stephens, who portrayed the sea god Poseidon, eliciting an emotional response from viewers. The fantasy series' seventh episode unfolded a poignant narrative centered around the tragic love story between Poseidon and Sally Jackson, played by Virginia Kull, as they grapple with the destiny of their demigod son, Percy.

In a revealing interview with TVLine, Stephens delved into the intricate dynamics of Poseidon and Sally's relationship. He highlighted the "real connection" Percy brought to his parents, despite their ill-fated romance. "Their love was deep, yet marred by the impossibility of being together.

Percy is the embodiment of their enduring bond," Stephens reflected.

Percy's Perilous Bargain

This episode saw Percy, portrayed by Walker Scobell, alongside Grover, played by Aryan Simhardi, engage in a perilous bargain with Hades (Jay Duplass) to retrieve the ruler's lost helm in exchange for Percy's mother's safety.

Amidst these high-stakes, viewers were transported to a flashback revealing a heart-wrenching discussion between Poseidon and Sally. They ultimately chose a human life for Percy, with Poseidon remarking on the benefits of such a decision for their son's future.

"He'll find his path when he understands his identity and destiny," Poseidon muses in the scene. Stephens, in a conversation with TV Insider, expressed enthusiasm for exploring Poseidon's character in greater depth in upcoming seasons.

He emphasized the importance of continuing the narrative thread established in this season. "Poseidon's intermittent presence in the books should be reflected in the series, ensuring the storyline remains consistent and evolves naturally," Stephens stated.

This episode marks a turning point in the series, drawing in audiences with its heartfelt storytelling and stellar performances. Stephens' portrayal of Poseidon adds a profound layer to the narrative, promising more intriguing developments in the future episodes of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."