Friends Worried After Jason Momoa's Divorce News

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by Zain ul Abedin
Friends Worried After Jason Momoa's Divorce News
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In a twist of events that has left fans concerned, Jason Momoa, the renowned Hawaiian actor known for his role as Aquaman, has recently seen the finalization of his divorce with Lisa Bonet coincide with the underwhelming performance of his latest Aquaman movie at the box office.

Close friends and associates of Momoa have voiced their genuine concerns regarding his well-being, given the challenges he has faced in both his personal and professional life. A reliable source informed the National Enquirer about the growing unease within Momoa's inner circle, saying, "Those who know and care for Jason are concerned." These concerns were further exacerbated when Momoa made a seemingly light-hearted remark about not having a home following his divorce, which raised red flags among his close friends and confidants.

Previously, reports had indicated that Momoa's divorce had taken a substantial toll on him, a fact that was highlighted in the notes from therapy sessions attended by his Aquaman co-star, Amber Heard, as revealed by her therapist.

Troubling Allegations Arise

During these therapy sessions, Amber Heard's therapist documented instances where Momoa arrived late for movie shoots and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, casting a shadow over his professionalism.

A close friend of the actor shared, "Jason loved Lisa so much despite their obvious differences, and her loss hit him like a ton of bricks." Another source added, "It's now a year later, and he still hasn't settled down but is rootlessly wandering." Recent developments suggest that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have reached an agreement regarding custody and child support matters, following Lisa's official divorce filing on January 8.

Court documents obtained by reveal that both parties have exchanged comprehensive financial documents, including tax statements and bank records. Furthermore, these filings indicate that the former couple has also entered into a written agreement regarding their property and marriage rights, which has been submitted to the court.

Notably, Momoa and Bonet have opted not to engage divorce lawyers to resolve the matter and have jointly requested the court's approval of their agreement. The culmination of these personal and professional challenges in Jason Momoa's life has left many anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the beloved actor's journey.