Oliver Stone Issues Apology for Insensitive Comments on Barbie and Ryan Gosling


Oliver Stone Issues Apology for Insensitive Comments on Barbie and Ryan Gosling
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In a recent turn of events, renowned director Oliver Stone has publicly acknowledged and apologized for his previously expressed views on the 2023 Barbie film, specifically concerning Ryan Gosling's involvement. Stone, a veteran in the film industry, known for his thought-provoking and often controversial work, took to social media on Tuesday, January 23, to address comments he had made last year, which have recently resurfaced.

In his statement, the 77-year-old director, whose credits include cinematic masterpieces like "Savages," revealed a change of heart regarding his earlier criticisms of the fantasy comedy. Initially dismissing the Barbie project as an example of Hollywood's "infantilization," Stone admitted that his comments were based on limited information and made prematurely, "weeks before the film even came out."

Stone's Perspective Shift

"I had little to no knowledge of the project beyond its title," Stone candidly expressed in his post.

This admission highlights a significant shift in his perspective since viewing the film in its entirety after its release. Praising the movie for its "originality and its themes," Stone conceded that the film's approach was unexpectedly different from what he had anticipated.

The director's previous remarks, particularly aimed at actor Ryan Gosling, were notably harsh. In an interview with City A.M. in June 2023, Stone had criticized Gosling's decision to be part of Barbie, suggesting it was a misguided pursuit driven by monetary incentives.

"Ryan Gosling is wasting his time if he’s doing that shit for money. He should be doing more serious films," Stone had remarked, indicating a preference for Gosling to engage in more substantial cinematic endeavors. In his latest statement, Stone extends an olive branch, acknowledging the positive impact of Barbie's box office success on the film industry.

He commended the film's contribution to boosting morale within the business, a sentiment that reflects a broader appreciation for the diverse range of storytelling in contemporary cinema. Stone expressed his best wishes to Greta Gerwig and the entire team behind Barbie, particularly in light of the upcoming Oscars.

This gesture marks a notable reconciliation with the film's creative vision and a recognition of its artistic merit. Oliver Stone's change of stance serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of artistic judgment and the importance of open-mindedness in the dynamic world of filmmaking.

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