Musk: Audits Show Less Antisemitism on X Than Other Platforms


Musk: Audits Show Less Antisemitism on X Than Other Platforms
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Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, recently addressed concerns about antisemitism on X, formerly known as Twitter, at a conference in Krakow, Poland. Speaking at the European Jewish Association (EJA) conference, Musk claimed that external audits have revealed X as having significantly lower levels of antisemitism than other social media platforms.

In his conversation with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Musk emphasized the findings of these audits. "The outside audits that we’ve had done show that there is the least amount of antisemitism on X, compared to all other social apps,” he stated.

However, details about these audits, including their methodology and results, were not disclosed by Musk. This statement comes at a critical time for Musk and X. Since acquiring the platform in October 2022, Musk has faced ongoing criticism for not effectively addressing antisemitism.

His visit to the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp earlier on Monday underscores the sensitivity and significance of the issue.

Controversy and Advertiser Fallout

Musk's tenure at X has not been without controversy.

In November, he was embroiled in a scandal following a post on X that seemed to endorse an antisemitic conspiracy theory. This incident sparked considerable backlash and was closely followed by reports from Media Matters for America.

The liberal watchdog highlighted instances where advertisements from mainstream brands were inadvertently placed alongside pro-Nazi and white nationalist content on X. The fallout from these reports was significant, leading several major advertisers, including industry giants like Disney, Apple, IBM, Comcast, Lionsgate, Warner Bros.

Discovery, Sony Pictures, and Paramount, to pause their advertising on X. Musk's response to the advertisers was characteristically blunt, telling them to "go f??? yourself." Musk's claims about the lower incidence of antisemitism on X, as compared to other platforms, are pivotal in understanding the current state and future direction of the platform.

They come at a time when the platform is navigating the complex challenges of moderating content and maintaining a healthy digital environment while ensuring freedom of expression. As X continues to evolve under Musk's leadership, the focus on combating antisemitism and other forms of hate speech remains a key area of public and corporate interest.