Jack Black's Surprise AC/DC Tribute with Foo Fighters

Rock Legend Jack Black Makes a Memorable Guest Appearance.

by Nouman Rasool
Jack Black's Surprise AC/DC Tribute with Foo Fighters
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a thrilling and unexpected turn of events, rock legend Jack Black made a surprise appearance during the Foo Fighters' concert in Auckland's Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday, January 20. The Foo Fighters, led by the iconic Dave Grohl, were in Australia and New Zealand for a highly-anticipated tour after a month-long hiatus.

Their concert was already a must-see event, but it became even more unforgettable with the addition of Jack Black. During their time in Australia, the Foo Fighters had been paying homage to the late Bon Scott of AC/DC by performing a cover of one of AC/DC's more provocative rock songs, "Big Balls." This humorous and satirical song had become a highlight of their tour, and it was typically delivered with enthusiasm by their drum tech, Fiona Jeans.

Jack Black's Epic Surprise

However, the Auckland concert took an unexpected and exciting twist when Fiona Jeans introduced a surprise guest onto the stage – none other than Jack Black himself. The multi-talented 54-year-old actor and singer, who was in New Zealand filming the upcoming Minecraft movie, couldn't resist joining the rock festivities.

In fan-captured concert footage, Jack Black can be seen dancing to the song's opening lines while wearing a tie-dyed top adorned with a rising phoenix and matching shorts. As the crowd roared with excitement, he took the mic and belted out, "I’m upper-upper class high society," before playfully adding, "I'm God’s gift to ballroom notoriety."

Fiona Jeans then seamlessly took over, continuing with, "always fill my ballroom / The event is never small / The social pages say Jack’s got / The biggest balls of all." Jack Black encouraged the enthusiastic crowd to join in on the chorus, igniting the rock energy that he is renowned for, both as a solo artist and as part of the iconic duo Tenacious D.

The unexpected appearance of Jack Black at the Foo Fighters' concert left fans in awe and delight. It was a rock experience that no one had anticipated, making the Auckland concert a truly unforgettable night for all in attendance.

The combination of Foo Fighters' tribute to AC/DC and Jack Black's electrifying presence created a unique and thrilling musical moment that will be remembered by fans for years to come.