Dean Phillips Backs Removal of DEI Terms, Gains Ackman's Support


Dean Phillips Backs Removal of DEI Terms, Gains Ackman's Support
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Representative Dean Phillips, a bold Democratic presidential hopeful, recently defended his decision to omit the term "diversity, equity, and inclusion" (DEI) from his campaign's digital presence. During a Bloomberg News event on Monday, Phillips articulated his ongoing commitment to initiatives supporting equality and justice for African Americans, aimed at narrowing the racial wealth gap.

However, he expressed concerns that the DEI phraseology had transformed into divisive slogans, sparking litigation and national discord. The alteration on Phillips' website coincided with the endorsement from Bill Ackman, the influential founder of Pershing Square Capital Management.

Ackman, a vocal critic of DEI programs, has contributed $1 million to a super PAC backing Phillips' bid for the presidency. Phillips, however, firmly maintained his independence at the Bloomberg forum, stating, "Nobody buys me.

Nobody tells me what to do," in a clear nod to his relationship with Ackman.

Phillips' Presidential Bid

Representing Minnesota, Phillips is posing a significant challenge to incumbent President Joe Biden and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, advocating for diverse options in the presidential race.

Ackman, known for his bipartisan support, has publicly urged Biden to pass the torch to a younger generation. He has endorsed Phillips, seeing him as a viable candidate with a "credible path to winning the nomination." Phillips' campaign site now mirrors the language of his congressional website, adopting "Equity & Restorative Justice" as its new mantra.

Ackman played a role in this shift, sharing materials with Phillips that questioned the DEI movement's foundations. While Ackman asserted he didn't directly influence the website's language change, he acknowledged that Phillips had much to learn about DEI's complexities.

The DEI debate has intensified recently, with various conservative legal groups, aligned with former President Donald Trump, challenging corporate America. These groups accuse entities from Macy's Inc. to BlackRock Inc. of anti-White male discrimination, potentially triggering a widespread transformation in corporate hiring practices.

Phillips, reflecting on the situation, admitted to reassessing certain DEI applications in businesses and educational institutions, acknowledging their potential adverse effects on other communities. This nuanced stance indicates a willingness to engage in deeper conversations about the impact and execution of DEI initiatives across various sectors.